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Barbie, Fashion Icon of the 60's

Photo Gallery

Built Lillis Institute' D' Beaute' Built Lillis Institute' D' Beaute' Sunny and Veronica face off!!! Ever friendly fashion, Sunnys new sheath and hat meets Ronnies admiring approval-- who cares if it's a copy-- it's beautifull!! 196850470 Cricket and Cynthia--Nothin' But Net!!! The fabric on this clone bubble dress is extra stunning under magnification. The trimmed net jacket really puts it over the top! Cynthia was nice enough to lend her short black gloves to Cricket for the evening! 196850471 Sunny has A Moment Zipper in back too! Polished cotton w/ a medium sheen, and the quality is superb!! 196850472 Black Net Vs. Black Net!!! It should be Bubble in Bubble Vs. Bubble in Bubble, but I don't have (and probably never will!) "Gay Parisienne"!! Oh well, "Black Magic" will just have to do!! The jacket on the copper and black clone dress has a snap that matches the one on the dress; this is NOT on backwards, though the option to switch is always available! 196850473