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Barbie, Fashion Icon of the 60's

Photo Gallery

No Bangs #3s ? No Bangs #3s ? No Bangs #3/4 Just Purchased She has no bangs and it looks like she never had them. I just got her from E-Bay for $85 and she has the early T.M. crayon smelling faded body. She is the blue eyeliner version and the seller represented her as a #4 and she may be but I think she is a #3 or transitional early 61. She needs a really good cleaning. Input welcome to solve this mystery... 199323329 A Blond #3 Version With No Bangs This one also looks like she never had bangs. 199323331 Front View It looks like the Bangs were not cut off by a young barber in training like some of the dolls I have seen. It looks factory to me. 199323332 Side View No obvious "fuzz" from being cut. Again, your thoughts, comments, and experience welcome. 199323333