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Barbie, Fashion Icon of the 60's

Calendar Girls!

(Background photo by cubby, modified by Teresa for background)

No, not naughty pictures, but each month of the year as personified (doll-ified?) by our favorite gals (and guys)! I admit, this idea is courtesy of CUBBY, who posted some photos in a "calendar girls" gallery!



"Ouch!" cubby's pretty #3 lands on her derriere--will ken help her up? (Photo c/o cubby) 

Colormagickid's lovely Marlo Flip TNT can brave the wintry weather in this fab outfit! (Photo c/o colormagickid)

T&T has wide eyes checking out New York, but #4 Brunette has been there, done that... (Left, wearing "Commuter Set" -right, "Winter in New York")


Barbie and Ken arrive at the Valentine's Day Dance! (photo c/o cubby)

Lovely Hair-Fair is everyone's valentine! (Photo c/o cubby) 

My Platinum Color Magic is ready for the Valentine's Ball OR the "Junior Prom"!  


Two gorgeous redheads ready for St Patrick's Day! (Photo c/o cubby) 

April Showers... 

My pretty Brownette gets caught in the rain.

...But Midge and Skipper are dressed for it! (Photo c/o Yvette) 

...and one Easter BunniKen..

How about #1 Barbie dressed for the Easter Parade (I admit, she looks a little devilish!)?

Just si-i-i-ngin' in the rain... Pretty Hair Fair Barbie and Skipper plus their little pal! (Photo c/o cubby)

Bring May Flowers! 

 Southern belle #3 strolls in the garden...


is for Graduations and Weddings!

Pretty Redhead Midge is smart too! (Photo c/o Sandy Mann) 

My #3 and Ken are the happy couple!

 cubby's happy couple having their first dance! (Photo c/o cubby)


...It's getting hot out here Ken, what do you say we go in and boil that lobster? (Photo courtesy of cubby) 

"What's Cookin'?" July is the month for Barbie-cues! (Photo of gorgeous #6 Redhead and Kenny-boy c/o colormagickid) 

I only do my sunbathing at night to keep my complexion nice... :) (My #4 Blonde is a--well, blonde.)


The girls go fishin' (Photo c/o cubby)

Lots of folks go on vacation in August! Sailing time for my #3 Brunette!


Time to start school--oops, I forgot my apple for the teacher, but I've got these knitting supplies... (Photo of cutie-pie Skipper c/o Sandy Mann) 

Skipper may be ready for 5th grade, but Lovely Color Magic Barbie is headed for the SORBONNE! (Her pencil is admirable, but where's the laptop??) Photo c/o Jose.


Time for Halloween Parties! (Watch out, Red Riding Hood...) (Photo c/o Dawn Austin)

Speaking of parties, join the fun! LOVE Ken's cow outfit... (Photo c/o cubby)


Well, I burned the turkey, so I ordered pizza. (photo of lovely swirl c/o cubby)

 Where's the turkey? I'm wearing it, silly! (photo c/o cubby)


The whole gang's out for some Christmastime fun! (Photo c/o Sandy Mann) 

These MOD girls (and boy) are ready to PARTY! (Photo c/o colormagickid) 

Barbie gets ready to decorate! (photo c/o cubby) 

Merry Christmas from Babs and Babs! 

Santa asks "What do you want for Christmas, cutie?" (Photo c/o cubby)

The treats look great to Skipper and Scooter, and Ken and Allen wonder how long it's going to take Barbie and Midge to get ready for the party! (Photo c/o Yvette)

Ken reads Christmas stories to everyone! (photo c/o Yvette)

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